Good News – A Day to Remember

Good news is good for the body, the whole system. I received my good news on the sixth attempt of receiving IVF. In this post I share my good news and urge you to hang in there. There is hope.

How will it look like when all our days are filled up with good news? 

The heart is relaxed, the body is at peace, andthe system functions well, andthe mind finds its peace and work goes on. 

What can I say and what can I offer you, mydear Lord, from this day I promised to dance and celebrate God. It is also on this day I made up my mind to speak generally on this journey, for the lots of women broken and soaked in tears.

God said it is over. He answered me and so shall it also be unto all of you my great women seeking to conceive. When I started this journey, the days were as if it will never come to an end. I worked with my calendar and kneweven every colourin every month. I was getting angry and so worried.Sometimes I try to calm myself down. My husband was calmer.That’s men for you.

I stopped counting the days and allowed the days to countfor me. Jesus is the answer, andJesusanswered me. 

On this day, a day that hasgone into my good record, a day I have set aside as a specialday. 

 The ultimate day that measured where I stand, where I should be and what God intendedfor me. At times of challenge and controversy, it takes a lot of courage, to go through the pains, the loss, the dejection, and the empty feelings.

Life is not all about success; itis also about failures, loss, anddisappointments. These life´s challenges are things we are bound to encounter in our life´s journeys. They are there, andwe can’t simplyavoid them. So be ready to deal with obstacles when they come toyour ways.

 It does not help so much to look constantlyat the past. Otherwise,you will miss the next train taking you to your future.  

I can’t tell you that it was an easy journey. Many of you that have walked on this lane may know what I am talking about. It is not all about pains, the desire, the waiting, and the counting of days. It is all about you and what happens; when all efforts were not rewarded? 

What do you do?

Cry your heart out? 

Resign or give up hopes?

Many of us have ways of dealing with issues. I dealt with my empty and lonely days through writing. I write and write, because I know there are so many out there itching to hear other people´s stories.Instead of breaking my head and wondering what went wrong, I learnedto do it this way.

The thought that always goes with each attempt is, oh it would be great if this turn out positive. 

There were impossible odds that could hold me backfrom success. I tried to overcome these failures, disappointments, each time I am stricken down. I refused to let the fear of defeat accompany me; Ofcourse,I had my moments when I letmy emotions flow. 

It was so natural for me those days to worry, to break down and cry; it was something very natural to cry to God and tell Him my stories, despite Him knowing it all.

No one has a specialtalent to cope during these moments. Only God´s will is the best. Pray for confidence and believe that God can do anything He wills. Thisis very important to success. If you don’t have the strength, energy, anddetermination, to believe in yourself, continue praying  God, continue at every given opportunity, pray and pray.

 It does not mean that you were never meantto succeed. I will urge you to keep on trying as long as you want to succeeduntil you succeed.

“Try, sooner or later, those who win are those who have accepted the challenges of failure and have learnedto try one more time.”

– Jeff G.

When you are down, youare not finished, because God is not finishedwith you, why should you then give yourself up, when God is there to help?

Anything that delays you from achieving whatever plans you set for yourselfcan only be a blessing. Think back and let the truth of the 18th-centuryspiritual writer Jean-Pierre de Caussade, sink in: 

“Whatever happens to you in a day,a month,a year, for good or bad, is an expression of God´s will.”

Instead of cursing your luck, banging your head, or rolling your eyes in frustrations, see it positively.

As I learned: 

“when you get into a tight place, andeverything goes against you, till it appears you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is the place and time that the will turn”

– Harriet Becher Stone.

 God answered me, He will also answeryou at His right time, but don’t give up, for 

“MATERNAL BLISS: Could only be delayed and not denied.

You can read more about my IVF story in a book I co-authored: The Perfect Migrant. My chapter is Maternal Bliss Denied Not Delayed.


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