“Starting a family is very exciting and could sometimes turn out the other way.”

Clara Meierdierks

 When it does, please don’t destroy yourself. Seek help, look out and find those who have been onthis journey. You are not alone and will never be alone. You are not the first and will not be the last. There are so many on this journey, and you only need to search for them to give you the right coping mechanism. Butplease don’t give up.

So many things in life are very uncertain, andthat makes it somehow unpredictable in such a journey like IVF. I do not intend to dramatiseanything to cloud against the moment or dampen your spirit. I have trailed on this path before, not once and not twice, am just one in a million that have gone through this lane, many times. I am writing from the point of an insider, who has known the agony of this journey, the pains and the isolation that goes with it. The doubts and the ups and downs.

Whatever uncertainty and hardships the IVF journey threw on my way, one thing I did not think of doing was quitting my dream, even after many storms in my life. There were moments of disappointments, criticisms, gossips and lot of failures. I found myself at some time surrounded bynegative people who monitored and wanted only a positive result. And when otherwise the lion was let loose on me,  I was left to carry all the blames.

My experience with my ex-relationships was not fair. Theirmotto was “get a baby, oryou are not worthy.”  I held on to faith, to God. I nearly got drowned, but I did not lose my desire, for I knew that God would answer me one day.

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