A Journey that Seemed Slow.

It is always our wish to end any journey well. Having all information concerning a journeydoes not always mean that the journeywill end up well. When it does,we are so grateful to God. And when it turns out the other way round, we become sad, disappointed and even get discouraged. Thisis humannature and is not forbidden.

It is so easy to blame oneself or others when things don’t seem togo our ways. But does this change any situation? No, it doesn’t. IVF could be a long and exhausting journey, but worth going.

Thisis a journey of a struggle to have a baby through IVF. It is a real challenge, a hard journeyI must confess, and not a bed of roses. I was not initially prepared to take up whatever challengesit has to offer.

This journey requires patience, faith, hope, inner strength and goodpeople around you. Becausethis particular journey could takeyou to places that you couldnever have imagined to go. And it could pose a real challenge that could break or mar you,but yes you can,if you have faith.

In life, whatever you are going through, have gone throughand will go through, always hope to findthe right mindset, the strength, the right people and theright voice, to speak outwhen the time comes, as the time will always come.It may take years, but somedayyou will wake up to discover that you are ready. It happened to me; yourcase is not different.

After all, I found myvoice, and I am going to encourage you through onthis journey. 

You are special,andyou are strong, and you are just unique. – You are you, and you are embarking onthis journey because you hope to get answers and solutions.  So don’t stop halfway: keep on trying until you excel. For, in life,those who win are those who in spite of all odds kept fighting for their dreams.

To those who have gone through this journey and to those who are yet to go through this journey, I hope my voice will join others in helping you deal with the ups and downs that accompanythis journey. But believe me, we are all different, our lucks are not the same.  Our way to success are equally not the same, but always be positive and don’t allow those negative stories deter you from being a mom. 


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