Born and raised in Nigeria, I left Nigeria for Germany for further studies. I was born to the late Mr & Mrs Patrick Uwazie, a family of seven, in Uwazie´s Compound in Ahiara, Imo State Nigeria. 

I am a Nurse/Midwife, Respiratory Care Practitioner (dip.) BSc Health and Social Welfare, MSc Psychology holder, striving for more in the academic world. I worked with Coma/Semi comapatients with Life support machines. Indeed, working with these patients have brought me closer to the realities of life. I am involved in so many activities involving women’s empowerment both in the church and outside.I am also a freelance, motivational writer, speaker, Poet, and a blogger. I love writing, I love what I do and am very passionate about it. Writing hashelped me to fight some silent wars, ups and downs, and have accompanied me in the darkest moments and days. I believe in using my stories to empower, help others and heal my past.

“Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make; It’sputting your life on hold to fulfil the promise of your children´s tomorrow.”
– Federica Ehimen


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