When I sleep

I hear your babylike moves,

My beloved,

I leap for joy 

At a little sound from your room,

I get up!

I peep through the holes,

to see you 

Sleep soundly,


Be at peace 

You belong to me,

My bundle of joy,

My God’s gift.

The days of agony were 

Filled up the minute

You came,


For your love saved me,

The presence of You,

Cannot be measured,

I long to hold you always,

Never to let you go,

My apple,

My love,

My jewellery,

I love you and cherish you 

So much,

My greatest gift.

God used you to wipe tears away

From me,

You are my Gold 

And I cherish you.

Know always that 

You are my purest gold,

I cannot exchange you for anything,

You are my joy 


My heart rejoices,

How nice it is to love you!

To have you in my hand,

To behold you,

And wrap you around me when am home,

I love the mimic you make when am going


Your baby like protest,

Your cry!

Mama needs to go out sometimes,

Without you,

But you always know that I have you

At heart wherever I go,

That soothes me,

Gives me the greatest Joy.

Tells me you love me,

Reveals to me that “Mama is also gold.”


When I am home,

You hear my voice and you 

Swing your legs in jubilation,

I see how you struggle to come to Mama,

leaping and swinging,

wanting to free the hold on you.

Screaming loud to let the hand on you go,


For you to jump and hold Mama,

And whisper in your language,

To mama, please Mama,

Never leave me.

I see this and want to cry,

The cry of a sweet Mama,

Whose love is appreciated.

If you grow up,

And read this,

You know Mama is the happiest

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